Sunday, August 26, 2012

Laptop Running on a Lead Acid Battery

This situation may occur one day to yourself, Power house die, drop the laptop's internal battery, online car less comfortable in the cabin, and you want to keep online home, here's one solution of the few solutions available to you, in order to stay online. The following are the steps :

Equipment needed:

    1. Laptop DC adapters are commonly used in car
    2. jumper cables to battery
    3. car battery / motorcycle 12 volt All type MF or Conventional Capacity 3 Ah to 200 Ah.

jumper cables to battery
charger laptop Rp.50,000,- = 4 dollar US

How long do the batteries usage:
measurement results using ampermeter picture below shows approximately 4.5 amps so if we use a car battery size 70 amps then the batteries will run out 70 divided by 4.5 amps = 15.5 hours

I hope this info helps and useful